7 Days to Die A19 B180 Experimental released

Changelog for b179 + b180


  • Utility_celltower_02 
  • Allow the complete freezing of zombies within the game (ctrl-num* toggles) 
  • Add chunk boundary markers that look like the land claim bounds box (Shift-num toggles) 


  • Worlds' splat maps support PNG again to reduce world sizes 
  • Replaced collider and shadow caster on car parts ramp 
  • 40 prefab materials to use the crossfade shader 
  • 100 block entities to consistent LOD culling heights 
  • Top tier foods sell for more dukes, and no longer have economic bundles of 5 but 1, so single meals can be sold 
  • Wine kegs are not lootable 


  • Client view distance setting ignored for player render distance 
  • Blocks with simple rotation enabled cannot be reversed with R key 
  • Prefab editor client does not render terrain sometimes 
  • Z fighting and missing block in modern_01 
  • Zfighting in modular 7 
  • Clipping tree in cabin_15 
  • Zfighting on house_burnt_02 
  • Loot containers and store shelves aim\target fighting 
  • Zombies "popup" after knockdown stun while electrified 
  • Zombie electrocution anim starting late 
  • Zombie electrocution anim playing too long 
  • UpdateNPCStatsOverTime not playing damage effects (electrocution) if total health change was positive from regen 
  • POI Diner_01 shelving collider interrupts loot container 
  • Biker cannot fit under chain link pole in utility_waterworks_01 
  • Cigar on Hotbar Adds Extra Str and Bartering 
  • Blunderbuss animates a flare from the muzzle when equipped 
  • Hands invisible when wearing Military Gloves 
  • Sticky projectiles prevent hitting blocks/zombies 
  • Perks that increase fire rate do not work until modification screen is opened and closed 
  • Steel armor parts are using same description as weapons and tool parts 
  • Journal updated for Treasure Map Journal Entry 
  • Arrows and bolts are not showing in weapons and not sticking to zombies properly 
  • Spears do not follow the entities they are stuck in 
  • 3 zombies can't go through cabin_11's doorway 
  • Zombies get stuck on trapSpikesNew 
  • Take all pulling items from containers in wrong order 
  • Replaced a misplaced destroyed concrete texture with the proper brick texture in business_burnt_02 
  • Updated destroyed concrete textures in store_autoparts_01 
  • Floating chandelier in vic_01 
  • Skyscraper_04 has strange destroyed concrete textures 
  • Kinematic body only supports Speculative Continuous collision detection 
  • Zombies get stuck between 50 pillars 
  • Wrenching animations not working on POI radiators